Vendor Single Interest

Protected Against Financial Loss

Vendor Single Interest insures a dealerships financed vehicle portfolio. VSI protects against financial loss from damage to property on which loans have been made.

How It Works
Protected From Damaged Vehicle Loses

Insurance Policy For Your Portfolio

If you struggle with customers failing to maintain adequate insurance on a financed vehicle, Vendor Single Interest is here to protect you.

Physical Damage

Managed Risk,
Improved Portfolio

VSI is provided as an insurance policy to cover a lender's portfolio. All new finance contracts are covered as well as existing contracts.

Vendor Single Interest covers loss from physical damage or theft of repossessed vehicles when the borrower does not have adequate insurance coverage.
Customized Solutions

Additional Coverage Can Be Included In Your Policy

Losses due to the lender's inability to locate the borrowers.
Losses because the borrower's vehicle has been confiscated by a government official.
Losses due to the vehicle ownership being transferred to an innocent third party.

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