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Dealership Insurance

Preferred Dealer Solutions provides Dealerships with products that help them increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

Additional Coverages

Mechanics E&O

Covers damage caused by faulty parts or work done by you or your employees.

Garagekeepers Actual Loss Sustained

Provides unlimited coverage for customers’ vehicles, if they are damaged while in your possession for repair.

False Pretense

Protects your dealership from certain types of fraud or theft. For example, theft during a test drive, acquiring a vehicle without legal title, odometer rollback, or previously damaged vehicles.

Drive Other Cars Coverage

Provides coverage to an auto you do not own. Very important if you are insuring your business and your personal auto liability on the same policy.

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We customize programs specific to each dealer’s needs.
"Preferred Dealer Solutions provides you with proven consulting information to make smart and profitable decisions."
Kevin Stoll, President
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