Income Development

Ensure the Growth of Your Dealership

We ensure the growth of your dealership, increase profitability, and create long-term customer loyalty. We do this through our best-in-class suite of products.

Our Strategies
Claims Department

Customer Loyalty

Our customer loyalty comes from our efficient claims department. No more jumping through unnecessary hoops. We offer the best customer service with quick turn times.
Efficient Claim Process
A simple and easy process creates a positive customer experience.
Quick Turn Time
Claim approval and payment within 1 hour.

Our Partnerships

Income Development Strategies

F&I Sales Training
Proper Presentation of a Menu to illustrate F&I products leads to more sales. With proper objection handling training, your staff will increase your backend profit.
Monthly Sales & F&I Goals
Goals breed success, at PDS we set monthly Vehicle and Product sales to ensure the growth and profitability of your dealership.
Product Training
Proper training on F&I products leads to a more informed sales staff and creates confidence. PDS ensures that you and your customer will be informed of the products we provide.
Increased Compliance
Our team of experts are here to make sure that your dealership meets compliance standards. We offer recommendations and support to ensure compliance with stated guidelines. 

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We customize programs specific to each dealer’s needs.
"Preferred Dealer Solutions provides you with proven consulting information to make smart and profitable decisions."
Kevin Stoll, President
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