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Preferred Dealer Solutions provides Independent Auto Dealers with products that help them increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

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Limited Warranty Solutions

Every dealer has their own path; we give you the ability to create your custom warranty solutions. Use your warranty program to separate yourself from the rest.
Revenue + Satisfaction

Vehicle Service Contracts

A vehicle service contract covers the repair costs due to a unexpected mechanical breakdown.

With the Preferred Dealer Solutions UVP program, your vehicle's components are covered starting the first day of your vehicle's purchase.

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3 Tier Plan
Custom Coverage
Customer Satisfaction
GAP Program

Guaranteed Asset Protection

GAP covers the difference between the value of your vehicle at the time of total loss and the balance of its loan or lease.

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We customize programs specific to each dealer’s needs.
"Preferred Dealer Solutions provides you with proven consulting information to make smart and profitable decisions."
Kevin Stoll, President
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