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Dealer-Affiliated Reinsurance

Preferred Dealer Solutions reinsurance management team specializes in the formation and management of Dealer Affiliated Reinsurance Companies.

How It Works
What is Reinsurance?

Control your F&I Products

Dealer Affiliated Reinsurance allows the dealer to control their own Reinsurance company, which accepts premiums generated from Limited Warranties Vehicle Service Agreements and other aftermarket products.

Greater Control
The Reinsurance company holds the premium reserves and earns all of the underwriting profits, plus investment income from these premiums.
Underwriting Profits
Owning your own Reinsurance Company allows you to increase your profit on each sale through the underwriting of Limited Warranties and other applicable products.
Products Available
We provide you with various products, including GAP, CPI, VSC, VSI, and Limited Warranties.
Specialized Financial Products

Reinsurance Increases Profitability.

Dealer-Affiliated Reinsurance increases profitability and puts you in control. Creating satisfied customers while generating profit for the dealer.
Customized Rates & Terms
Customized F&I Promotional Material
Control of Your Investments

Our Partnerships

What Preferred Dealer Solutions Provides

Guidance From Start To Operation.

Preferred Dealer Solutions is here to set up your reinsurance company from start to finish. We handle each step of the process to set up your system, train your staff, and finally monitor your performance so that you can maximize your profits.

Company Setup
Staff Training
Ongoing Assistance

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We customize programs specific to each dealer’s needs.
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