Preferred Dealer Solutions Brand Guide

A central guide for all of PDS logos, and colors.
Preferred Dealer Solutions logo features a primary mark that displays the PDS abbreviation with Preferred Dealer Solutions on the right.

The Preferred Dealer Solutions Logo Kit can be downloaded via the link here.

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Preferred Dealer Solutions company branding features Ocean Water as our primary color and Tangerine as our secondary color.

These color can be created used the #hex-codes as shown.
Ocean Water
Gray 1
Gray 2
Gray 3
Gray 4

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Our History

Established in 2010, Preferred Dealer Solutions is committed to our goal of providing products and services that dealers need today.

As a leader in the F&I and Reinsurance industry, we strive to connect dealers with data, people, and resources to ensure success.

Company Values

As a family-owned and operated business, PDS is committed to providing the service dealers and their customers deserve.

Ensuring growth and profitability for our dealers through our products while also creating customer loyalty from efficient claims processes are what set us apart.

Our Approach

At Preferred Dealer Solutions, we provide value through our unparalleled customer experience. Being a family-owned business based in Rockford, Michigan, we are able to provide personalized service to our customers.

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We customize programs specific to each dealer’s needs.
"Preferred Dealer Solutions provides you with proven consulting information to make smart and profitable decisions."
Kevin Stoll, President
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